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  <teiHeader type="text" status="new">
 	<title>Speeches (English)</title>
 	<editor role="editor">George Norlin</editor>
 	<sponsor>Perseus Project, Tufts University</sponsor>
 		<principal>Gregory Crane</principal>
 		<resp>Prepared under the supervision of</resp>
 		<name>Lisa Cerrato</name>
 		<name>William Merrill</name>
 		<name>Elli Mylonas</name>
 		<name>David Smith</name>
 	<funder n="org:AnnCPB">The Annenberg CPB/Project</funder>
 		<publisher>Trustees of Tufts University</publisher>
 		<pubPlace>Medford, MA</pubPlace>
 		<authority>Perseus Project</authority>
    <sourceDesc default="NO">
 	<bibl default="NO">
 <title>Speeches (English)</title>
 <title type="full">Isocrates with an English Translation in three volumes, by George Norlin, Ph.D., LL.D.</title>
 <publisher>Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press; London, William Heinemann Ltd.</publisher>
    <refsDecl doctype="TEI.2">
 	<state delim="." unit="speech" />
 	<state n="chunk context" unit="section" />
    <langUsage default="NO">
 	<language id="en">English</language>
    <textClass id="gen.epideictic" default="NO">
  <textClass id="gen.forensic.prosecution" default="NO">
 	<keywords><term>Forensic Prosecution</term></keywords>
    <textClass id="gen.forensic.defense" default="NO">
 	<keywords><term>Forensic Defense</term></keywords>
    <textClass id="" default="NO">
 	<keywords><term>Claim against an Estate</term></keywords>
	<keywords scheme="genre">
		<term>prose; rhetoric</term>

    <change><date>April 1992</date>
 	<respStmt><name>W. Merrill</name><resp>ed.</resp></respStmt>
 	<item>Put bios and intros to speeches into separate files. Change markup in accordance with orator dtd</item>
    <change><date>June 1992</date>
 	<respStmt><name>W. Merrill</name><resp>ed.</resp></respStmt>
 	<item>put speechs in numerical order and consolidated files</item>
    <change><date>September-October 1992</date>
 	<respStmt><name>David Smith</name><resp>ed.</resp></respStmt>
 	<item>Fixed the notes, mostly citations</item>
    <change><date>1 March 2000</date>
 	<respStmt><name>David Smith</name><resp>ed.</resp></respStmt>
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 Updated texts to TEI P4 and Perseus P4 extensions; minor cleanup (esp. character encodings and typos.)
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Isocrates, Speeches (English) (XML Header) [word count] [lemma count] [Isoc.].
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